Sketch Videos

These sketch videos are a fast take on how much a home improvement job costs so you can compare doing it yourself with hiring a contractor. In a minute and a half you'll know how much it costs.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton


Click on a project for a quick look on how much it costs. These doodle videos (1 minute and a half) show the Contractor vs. DIY Homeowner cost so you can compare them. Click on a project and see how much it costs.

Install Attic Stairs

Install a Suspended Ceiling

Tile a Bathtub Surround

Lay a Vinyl Floor

Install a Bathroom Vanity

Install Caulk to Windows

Convert a Bathtub to a Shower Stall

Install an Underdeck Ceiling

Repair Damage to Textured Drywall

Make a Holiday Log and Stick Reindeer