1st Time Homeowner

Find answers to your questions about getting organized and living in your first home. Learn easy decorating ideas for the not-so-perfect rooms, how to add lighting that will create comfortable living throughout the house and ways to conserve energy all year long.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

1st Time Homeowner

Owning your first home is a big step, exciting and intimidating at the same time, but very rewarding. If you've just signed the mortgage papers or are planning to in the future, you're probably challenged by the responsibility and awed by the opportunity to make it your special place. Use these articles as a resource for answers to your questions about decisions you'll face and concerns you'll have about making your new digs the most comfortable and enjoyable place to live.

Create the look and feel in your new-to-you house with these coverup, facelifts and quick fixes. No major remodeling required.Budget-friendly Decorating Ideas

Learn how an inexpensive can of paint can transform a room from ordinary to extraordinary and make it pop with color. Power of Paint

Different lifestyles demand different lighting requirements so follow these basic design concepts to create what's best for your home. Room-by-room Lighting Scheme

Consider these improvements that add value you can use and enjoy for years to come. 10 Easy Ways to Improve Your First Home

Make the most of closets and customize the space with components and systems to meet your storage needs. End Closet Clutter Before It Starts

Use these tried and true tips to hiring the right contractor for any job around your new home. Finding a Good Contractor

Even though you can save money by doing it yourself follow the advice about knowing when to DIY and when to hire a pro. DIY or Don't DIY