Get Ready for the Holidays

Get ready for entertaining and enjoying the holidays at home with these 10 easy and inexpensive decorating ideas. These doable upgrades and improvements will enhance your house now and for years to come.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

10 Quick Fix Ups Before the Holidays Fix Ups for the Holidays

You don't have to spend a lot of time and money (who has any?) to make your home special at this time of year. You can complete any one of these budget-friendly decorating ideas in an afternoon and enjoy the mojo and magic it creates throughout the coming year.

Surprise your holiday guests with the simple addition of a medallion around a ceiling light fixture. It creates interest and appeal on an ordinary ceiling and it's easy and inexpensive to do it yourself. Add a Ceiling Medallion

When everyone gathers in the family room they'll be surprised with the fresh new look of the suspended ceiling. It's a simple job to conceal an old dirty grid with new cover ups one that can transform a room. Cover Up a Ceiling Grid

To make the most of an otherwise ho-hum wall consider the addition of a decorative shelf. Use it to show off a holliday collection and change it with the seasons or your decorating whim. Hang a Wall Shelf

Details make the difference and it's easy to add them to a home with brackets installed in an alcove or passageway between rooms. This project is easy to do and will add a nice architectural element to your home. Add Wood Brackets

Replace a not-so-favorite picture on the wall with a mirror and your holiday guests will think you redecorated. Whether it's ordinary or ornate a wall mirror opens up the room and gives it a fresh new look. Hang a Mirror

When you're not sure what type of treatment to cover a window you won't go wrong choosing wooden blinds. They add texture and style to a room which makes them a good choice for any style of furnishings. Install Wood Blinds

Even the most ordinary window shade or drapery becomes a focal point in a room when you top it with a wooden cornice. You can order them made to size and install them easily. Install a Window Cornice

Lighten the way to your home for the holidays with a solar entry light. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to install and enjoy its soft lighting at your front entry. Add a Solar Entry Light

Add some stylish lighting by swapping a recessed light fixture with a pendant that hangs from the ceiling. This conversion kit makes short work of an electrical project that will completely change the look of a room. Convert a Recessed Fixture with a Pendant

Dim the lights in the room and turn on the Christmas tree lights to create a warm and wonderful evening. It's easy when you install a dimmer switch you'll enjoy throughout the year. Add a Dimmer Switch