Easy-to-make Decorations

Make a log reindeer, Plant a Christmas tree, Make door and window swags - three easy projects to make and enjoy this year and for years to come.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

If you're looking for festive decorations for your home this season here's quick-and-easy projects to make. Let little ones in on the magic of Christmas and share in the spirit of the season creating these special family traditions you'll share for years to come.

Easy-to-make Decorations The log reindeer is an adorable addition to anyone's front porch, yard or peeking in a window from outside. Using only firewood and sticks and branches gathered from outdoors you can build one reindeer or a herd of them. Some basic woodworking tools and skills are required to create these clever creatures who will become a lasting part of your family holidays. Make a Log Reindeer

For a distinctive outdoor decoration for your home make a holiday swag to adorn the front door and all its windows. It helps to have some experience using woodworking tools to make the backing board base, but once that's done you can reuse it every year. Make Holiday Door and Window Swags

Have you always been tempted to have a live Christmas tree decorated with your favorite ornaments? Here's advice about choosing a tree for the holidays and then keeping it alive to replant it on your property. Plant a Chrismas Tree