WOW Window Redos

A window treatment can be a knock-out addition to a room but it doesn't have to break your budget. Knowing the cost of window shades, blinds, shutters, cornices and hardware will help you decide which one is right for you.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Window Redos

When you're decorating a room, don't underestimate the cost of window treatments because they can cost as much as a piece of furniture. And if you have many windows the cost only multiplies. If you have young children, the National Window Covering Safety Council suggests using only cordless window coverings to prevent the hazard of accidentally strangling in window cords.

We've pulled together the DIY project costs of the most popular window treatments to give you the pricing data you need to make a decision on what's right for your home and your budget. The links will take you to the project cost data for each window treatment with advice about what's involved to help you decide if you want to do it yourself or hire a pro.

When you're looking for a special window treatment to add texture and good looks to a room, consider a window shade. Compare the DIY and Pro costs at Install a Window Shade.

The neatly folded material of a Roman shade makes it a striking window treatment. It combines a built-in valance with a convenient operating mechanism that allows the shade to easily open for daylight and close for privacy. Compare the DIY and Pro costs at Install a Roman Shade.

Once you've had a cordless blind, there's no going back. Its clean lines make it attractive in any window treatment, and its ease of operation makes it particularly useful in rooms where the sun comes on strong at different times of day. Compare the DIY and Pro costs at Install a Cordless Blind.

You can't beat the traditional white mini-blind as a basic window treatment, but consider a step-up to wood blinds to add richness and warmth to a room.Compare the DIY and Pro costs at Install a Wooden Blind.

A vertical blind is a popular window treatment for sliding glass doors and windows because it provides privacy that can be controlled like a horizontal blind with vanes that open, close and fold away stacked on one side. Compare the DIY and Pro costs at Install a Vertical Blind.

For a more contemporary look at wide windows a panel track shade is the answer. Compare the DIY and Pro costs at Install a Panel Track Shade.

Interior shutters are perennially popular as a window treatment because they complement so many different décor styles and solve problems as well. Compare the DIY and Pro costs at Install Interior Shutters.

Window treatments complete any room's décor, whether yours is a casual setting with blinds or shade, or a more traditional style with draperies. Whatever the style, a fabric cornice adds a custom touch to any window. Compare the DIY and Pro costs at Make a Fabric Cornice.

We found high-quality yet relatively inexpensive wood cornices that add architectural appeal to even the most ordinary room. Compare the DIY and Pro costs at Install a Wood Cornice.

When you're creating a window treatment for a room, the fabric of the drapery and the hardware it hangs on should work together to achieve the look you want. Today you'll find stylish hardware to enhance whatever fabric you choose. Compare the DIY and Pro costs at Install Drapery Hardware.

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