SAVE THE MOST Painting Projects

Get inspired with these 4 winning ways with walls that add style and panache to any room in your home. Your reward is a new favorite space and a 75% or more savings if you do the work yourself.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

SAVE THE MOST Painting Projects

Sometimes what a room needs is a splash of color to accent the walls or freshen its face, not new furnishings. And according to our project data there's no better bang for your buck than a can (or two) of paint. Here are four ways to decorate a room with paint that won't take more than a weekend but will make it sparkle for years to come. The bonus: If you do these projects yourself you'll save at least 75 percent for your effort, not a bad way to spend a weekend.

Paint a Room The low investment in tools and material needed to paint makes painting first on the list of popular DIY projects. With its transformative powers paint can make all the difference in taking a room from ordinary to extraordinary. To learn what's involve and how much it costs to do it yourself compared with hiring a painter follow this link to Paint a Room.

Faux Finish a Room An intriguing way to wash walls with more color and depth is using the existing color as a base and washing it with a topcoat of a similar shade. The choices are endless and a lot of experimenting will show you the palette of the finished coat. To get an idea of what's involved in the project and how much it costs to hire a paint specialist compared with doing it yourself, here's a link to follow Faux Finish a Room.

Paint Kitchen Cabinets If you're considering a kitchen remodel consider painting the existing cabinets instead of replacing them and save a whole lot of money. That's assuming you like the floorplan and the cabinets are in good condition. Add new hardware and you've got a whole new look in the room.It takes a lot of time and patience but the payback is worth it. Here's what's involved and how much it costs to paint kitchen cabinets yourself vs. hiring a contractor. Here's a link to learn more Paint Kitchen Cabinets.

Paint Paneling If you want to make old ugly paneling disappear but don't want to rip it off the walls consider painting the paneling. The job involves a few steps but the time and work will be well worth your effort because the transformation will amaze you. To learn what's involved and how much it costs to do it yourself compared with hiring a contractor follow this link Paint Paneling.

Paint a Wall Mural Even if you can't draw stick figures you can paint a wall mural you'll be proud of and garner praise from everyone who sees it. Choose a mural kit from a huge selection of designs, styles and scenes and just paint by the numbers. To find out what's involved and how much it costs to do it yourself follow this link Paint a Wall Mural.

If you don't have the time or desire to paint, you can find a painting contractor who has the skills and tools to do it right. Click Home Advisor, a free referral service that matches homeowners with local qualified contractors.

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