6 Foyer Fix Ups Under $200

Make a good first impression on visitors to your home with a front entry that says 'Welcome, come on inside'.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

6 Foyer Fix Ups Under $200 The foyer is usually a small area with a big job of being the entrance into your home while at the same time providing a place to store coats, hats, gloves and boots for everyone who lives there. It's usually the first impression guests have when they enter your home. To bring order to the chaos consider some of these projects that decorate the space and create a clutter-free closet.

To find the cost where you live adjust the cost in each of the project to where you live by entering your ZIP Code.

Make It Pretty and Inviting

Decorate the walls with a coat of fresh paint and create an inviting new space to welcome everyone inside. Cost to Paint a Room

Lighten up the space with a new hanging fixture to bring light to an often dark area.Cost to Hang a Chandelier

A mirror in a foyer makes it easy for everyone to leave the house knowing they look good. Cost to Hang a Mirror

Bring Order to Chaos

Create a clutter-free closet with wire shelving so you can find what you’re looking for. Cost to Install Wire Closet Shelves

Add a Sense of Security

An door viewer or peephole gives you the advantage of seeing who is outside the door without opening it. Cost to Install a Peephole Viewer or Cost to Install a Digital Peep Hole Viewer

Add a Window

Bring natural daylight and ventilation into a foyer with the addition of an 8-sided window. Cost to Install an Octagon Window