Outdoor Lighting Fixtures and How Much They Cost

Make your home, yard and garden more attractive, more livable and secure with exterior lighting fixtures.

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

Outdoor Lighting Fixtures and How Much They Cost

Lighten and brighten the outside of your home and garden and create a safer night time environment with outdoor lighting fixtures. The addition of exterior lighting will expand the use of the space at all times of the day and night and enhance its landscape by calling attention with a well focused fixture designed for the job.

Below are the job costs of replacing or adding five of the most popular outdoor lighting projects. Use the ZIP Code adjuster to find out the cost in your area to compare the cost of doing it yourself with hiring a contractor.

Cost to Install a Porch Lantern

Cost to Install Exterior Lighting

Cost to Install a Security Light

Cost to Install a Light Post

Cost to Install Solar Landscape Lights