Garage Overhaul and How Much It Costs

A sprint of energy is all it takes to tackle one of the most abused spaces around the house - the garage. Pick a nice day, throw open the door and make an earnest attempt to make it orderly and organized.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Garage Overhaul and How Much It Costs

Is your garage a dumping ground for everything except a car, a man's cave or something in between? Its destiny is entirely in your hands and before you begin to bring order to chaos consider basic improvements to maximize its potential. The worst part is getting rid of things that have no business being there. Remove and sort what’s there to stay and decide what to toss, Then you can rediscover and refine the space and decide how you’ll put it to good use.

Some of the most popular upgrades to a garage are listed below. Click on the project to learn what’s involved and how much it costs to do it yourself compared with hiring a professional. Enter your ZIP Code to find out what it costs where you live.

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