Age Proofing a Home

Age proofing a home makes it comfortable, convenient and safe for every member of your family, no matter how old or how young they are. Embrace these ideas to make your home age proof and truly family friendly.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Age Proofing a Home

Today it seems most seniors want to remain at home and live in the neighborhood and community they love. We’re also seeing a trend in multigenerational households (Remember the Waltons?) that include toddlers, teens, seniors and everyone in between. Today over 7 million American households have more than one generation living in them. AARP's Family Expert Amy Goyer said "More grandparents, children and grandchildren are moving in together both to save money and to take care of each other. The past couple years have not been easy for families financially."

How do you make a home safe, comfortable and convenient for everyone in a household with a variety of physical abilities? The answer ranges from making simple changes to more extensive structural modifications to a house. Let’s start with an overview of general ideas in Make Your House Timeless.

Here are some of the easiest and most obvious ways to make your home safer and more convenient for everyone who lives there. Try these 10 simple solutions 10 Easy Age Proofing Ideas.

The bathroom is a major concern for safety issues in a home for every age family member. Here are the costs of age proofing projects specific to the bathroom in Job Costs of Age Proofing a Bathroom.

Upgrades in the kitchen don't have to be expensive or extensive. Here are some job costs for age proofing a kitchen everyone will appreciate Job Costs of Age Proofing a Kitchen

To remodel a house for more accessible living with structural changes learn about universal design concepts at AARP’s Home Features and Products Using Universal Design.

American Standard Brands has established an online resource that showcases a number of safe and accessible product solutions designed to provide convenience for all lifestyles and life stages at this website, Safe and Accessible Bathroom..

Here are more specific suggestions for different parts of your home to make it a welcome retreat and safe haven for everyone who lives there.

  • Easy Living Everyday

  • Your family members spend a lot of their free time at home so make it more convenient and comfortable to live in with these simple improvements.

  • Making Bathrooms Better

  • No matter how many bathrooms you have in your house there's always one that's busy. We've found products and solutions to make any bathroom safer and easier for everyone to use.

  • In The Kitchen

  • The heart of the home is the kitchen so try some of these ideas to make it work better and smarter for everyone in the house.

  • Safe Footing

  • To make sure everyone can navigate safely around the house and up and down the stairs, consider some of these ideas to improve how you get around.

  • Outside

  • Take a walk around the exterior of your house and consider these easy upgrades that make it better, safer and more enjoyable.