Cost Reports for Decorating Jobs

Planning on redecorating a room or two in your house? Use these estimates to plan your budget for all the upgrades you have in mind. Compare the cost of doing it yourself with what a pro charges and then decide who should do the work.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

 Cost Reports for Decorating Jobs

Making a home attractive and creating a warm and welcome environment is the hope of most homeowners. The cost of decorating can range from low budget to luxury and knowing the price of these improvement projects is key to making choices. Find the style you like and plunge into the process. Here's where to find the job costs for your decorating ideas so you’ll choose materials and fixtures just right for your home.

Window Treatments and How Much They Cost Compare the cost of wooden and Roman shades, mini, wood and vertical blinds, shutters and fabric and wooden cornices.

Cost of Lighting Fixtures How much does it cost to replace a chandelier, a wall or track lighting or a kitchen or bathroom light? Here are cost figures for budgeting your improvement.

Costing Out the Job: Ceiling Tiles Here's the DIY and Pro costs of transforming a ceiling with tiles of all materials, shapes and sizes whether you for do it yourself or hire an installer.

Floor Tiles and How Much They Cost Want to give a room a facelift with new floor tiles? Here's the price breakdown of the cost of vinyl, carpet, parquet and ceramic tiles to help you choose which tile is best for you.