Cost Reports for Home Maintenance & Repairs

Use these project costs as a reference to plan your budget for all the repair and maintenance chores on your list. Compare the cost of doing it yourself with what a pro charges and then decide who should do the work.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Cost Reports for Home Maintenance & Repairs

Go forth and fix it - that pesky drawer glides that doesn't, the nasty hole in the wallboard, and that ugly wallpaper you'd like to diss. In any lived-in home there's always a punch list of basic repairs and maintenance chores that need to be done. Take your list in hand and refer to these reports that spell out the cost of doing it yourself and hiring a contractor or handyman to make the repair.

Save the Most Repair, Remove, Restore DIY Jobs Here are doable DIY jobs that save you more than 75% by doing it yourself. Click on the link and get fixin'.

Preventive Maintenance That Pays Back These basic maintenance chores will keep your house and its systems working efficiently so you'll avoid expensive repair work in the future.