Save Money on Safe Home Upgrades

Every homeowner wants their home to be a safe and secure environment for everyone who lives there. Does your home have these upgrades and improvements?

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Save Money on Safe Home Upgrades

To make your home a safe haven for everyone who lives there, consider making these improvements and upgrades that can prevent a harmful accident from happening. Click on the link to each project to learn what’s involved and the cost of doing it yourself compared with hiring a contractor. When you enter your ZIP Code in the cost box the price adjusts to where you live.

COST TO INSTALL A MOTION SENSING SWITCH Good lighting is a key factor in preventing falls at home so install a motion sensing switch that makes the light turn on instantly when someone enters the room.

COST TO ADD A STAIR RAILING Add a second stair railing to a staircase and assure safe passage up and down the stairs.

COST TO INSTALL A SHOWER PRESSURE VALVE Prevent scalding water in the shower with a pressure valve that regulates the flow of water when another water appliance is turned on.

COST TO INSTALL A GRAB BAR Make a bathtub and shower stall safe for entering and exiting with a basic grab bar that provides a sturdy grib and prevents slipping on wet surfaces.

COST TO INSTALL A CO DETECTOR When a gas furnace fails to fully burn the fuel carbon monoxide can become a danger. Install an alarm that measures the amount of gas to prevent this silent killer.

COST TO INSTALL A SMOKE DETECTOR Install smoke alarms in a house to detect a fire as a safety precaution and prevent a fire from occurring.

COST TO INSTALL A GFCI A ground fault circuit interrupter, required in all electrical outlets in kitchen and bathroom and in wet areas of a house, reduces the danger of a deadly shock from a faulty plug-in cord or appliance.

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