Stocking Stuffers for Christmas

Looking for some last minute gift ideas that are practical items any and every homeowner should have? Just take a slow walk down the aisles of a hardware store or home center and you've find them all.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Stocking Stuffers for Christmas

The pressure is on for the Christmas countdown of gift giving, so here’s our take on stocking stuffers with a nod to the practical for any homeowner. While some of these won't fit in a stocking, they're sure to be put to good use and appreciated. Give these to yourself or to anyone on your list especially if they’re a new homeowner just experiencing the agony and ecstasy of owning a first home. Whether it's a gift for a seasoned homeowner or a newbie in the neighborhood, every homeowner will appreciate having any of items around their house.

Gift Ideas

The Naughty List is a charming Chrismas spoof about how kids help rescue Santa Claus when he fails to appear at the Thanksgiving Day parade. The book by Thomas Conway is a Next Generation Idie Book Awards winner that follows kids as they unite the world in their desperate attempt while proving that their naughty actions do not define their nature. Find it wherever books are sold $12.

Any DIYer or gardener will appreciate a new pair of work gloves from Mechanix Wear. Ranging from $20-30 a reliable sturdy glove is a perfect gift that doen't bust your gift-gifing budget. You'll find them sold online and major big box retailers.

We first saw these Super Sliders by Waxman when a new neighbor moved next door to us and she practically moved everything by herself using these felt and rubber foam pads designed to fit underneath the legs of desks, chairs, sofas, appliances - you name it. The siders, designed for all kinds of flooring surfaces are sold in a variety of shapes and sizes and sold in packs under $20.

Add $20 MIXCDER New HD901 wireless headphones to anyone's stocking and give them a lightweight, at home or travel companion that's foldable, comfortable and adjustable. They are ideal for music lovers, audio book listeners, travelers, sports junkies and students.

A new Black + Decker 3 in1 Stick Vacuum comes as a 20V or 24V power cordless vac that is compact and convenient for all kinds of cleanup jobs. We used it on a hardwood floor, rug and tile. With the crevice tool it worked cleaning stairs, furniture and to get into tight corners. The self-standing vacs sell for $100 to $130.

A $60 Charge Hub PowerStation 360 solves a lot of recharging issues at home, in the workshop or office wtth surge protection for 6 AC outlets and four USB charging ports. You can mount the device on the wall with the screws and a mounting template provided.

A button lamp measures less than 1-inch in diameter so the adhesive-backed LED light brings light to very small places like inside a cabinet or closet where illumination is needed. A pack of six Button Lamps sells for $10.

One of the most used tool in our house is a utility knife. Actually we have one in the house that we use to open cardboard boxes and packages and another in the garage for cutting materials and odd jobs like scoring drywall. We found them from $3 to $15 at hardware stores.

We can’t imagine life without duct tape which now comes in an array of colors and sizes. It secures our outdoor furniture covers, makes a temporary mend in plastic holes and stopped a leak in a food cooler. Cost ranges from $5 to $13 at home stores.

A new homeowner shouldn’t buy anything without knowing its dimensions so a good quality measuring tape is on the list. We have several in different lengths and keep one in the car, the garage and the house. A good 25-foot tape costs under $10.

Do it yourself painters accumulate a lot of brushes, rollers and pans and we like a paint spinner to keep those brushes and rollers clean so they’ll be good for years of painting. It’s a strange looking gizmo that acts like a kid’s spinning top and spews out the excess water after cleaning. A steel one will cost under $100 but well worth the investment for years of DIY painting.

Every homeowner likes to explore new ideas to improve their home so give or get a subscription to a home or garden magazine and be inspired.