Twine Ornament

The interesting octagon shape and natural fibers of the twine make this ornament one that will stand out on any tree.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Twine Ornament

With its natural good looks, this rustic ornament is made of household twine and cardboard, easy enough for kids of all ages to create. Download this octagon shape and use it as a template to cut out the shape of the ornament in cardboard. To wrap the twine around the shape number the corners and follow them to cover the cardboard. The nice thing about this project is it's easy to do over if you make a mistake. If the twine doesn’t lay flat undo it and begin again. It takes approximately 10 yards of twine to make one nament. Cats love watching you make this ornament!


Twine (Blue Hawk Twisted Jute Twine from Lowes) Scrap cardboard, Scotch tape, Tacky glue, 7/8-inch Organza ribbon For the tag: Heavy brown paper (craft or grocery bag), Rubber stamp, Paper punch.

  1. Use this .pdf file with the 8-sided shape to trace a template on cardboard and use it as a base for the ornament. Number the 8 corners of the octagon in a light pencil mark as shown and use a guide to follow winding or wrapping the twine around the cardboard. Identify the front and top of the ornament with a small tab so you don't get confused. A small piece of a Post-it note works nicely. In the center of the back of the ornament tape the end of the twine.
  2. Begin at corner 4 to 1 (the top of the ornament) and create a hanger by making a 2-3-inch loop and tie a knot so it is tight against the cardboard. Next, wrap the twine from corner 5 to 2 followed by corner 6 to 3. Complete the wrapping by going from corner 7 to 4 to cover it completely. Keep the twine flat against the cardboard so it lays directly next to adjoining twine and creates a smooth surface. Pay attention to the back of the ornament, too.
  3. To complete the ornament tuck the tail end of the twine behind the wrapped twine on the back and tack it in place with glue.
  4. Decorate the ornament by tying a bow at the base of the hanging loop. We used 7/8-inch wide organza ribbon for the bow and cut out a tag using a brown grocery bag that we labeled with the year using a rubber stamp.