Woven Felt Heart Ornament

Make this charming and colorful ornament out of contracting colors of scrap felt in minutes - a terrific kid's craft for the holidays.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Woven Felt Heart Ornament

This bright red and white checkerboard ornament will brighten up any tree. It's as inexpensive as the cost of scrap pieces of felt and as easy to create as cut and assemble. The heart is made of two identical pieces of folded felt that you weave together to create the checkerboard design. Use the template on the .pdf file to cut out the shapes and follow the cutting lines.

Materials: Red and White felt (9x12-inch piece .35 cents), Scrap cardboard, Scissors, Polyester fiber fill, Ribbon or button, Yarn or ribbon scrap, Tacky glue, pencil, needle and white thread.

  1. Download the .pdf file of the shape and trace it on cardboard to use as a pattern. Trace the three cutting lines to make the four strips on the straight edge of the shape. Use a pencil to lightly trace the shape of the cardboard on a piece of folded red and white felt that's approximately 10 inches long by 3 1/2-inches wide. Create the four strips by making three cuts following the pattern.
  2. Lay out the red and white pieces on a table with the two rounded ends at the top and weave the cut end strips in between each other. You may have to nip and nudge the strips to lie flat, just be careful and don't cut too far into the felt.
  3. When you're happy with the shape of the heart use craft glue on the edges beginning at the bottom of the heart and working your way up the sides to join the front and back. Leave a small opening at the top and stuff polyester fill inside the shape and secure with craft glue. Use a needle and thread to tack a hanger of yarn or ribbon and decorate the center of the heart with a bow or red button.