Baby's 1st Christmas Ornament

Make this adorable mini-ski cap for baby's first Christmas tree ornament or use it to decorate a gift package from Santa. It's sure to be a family treasure.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Baby's 1st Christmas Ornament

Here's a charming way to celebrate baby's first Christmas with his or her special tree ornament. You can make one of these mini-hats in an hour’s time and it will become your little one's very own first ornament. If you don't decorate a tree, it's an adorable way to decorate a holiday baby gift. Or make a string of them as garland to decorate a window or staircase.

Baby Ornaments Materials:

Blue or pink scrap medium weight yarn, 4 size 1 US (2,25) or size 2 US (2.75) double-pointed Needles White 1-inch Pom Poms (sold in packages of 40 for $2 at craft stores)

  1. Cast 27 stitches on one needle and divide evenly over three needles, 9 stitches on each needle.
  2. For rows 2 through 14 work 9 stitches on 3 needles and complete to row 14. As you knit, the first rows of yarn will curl creating a nice rounded edge around the cap. Weave the tail end of the cast on yarn into itself and clip off to trim.
  3. At row 15 begin decreasing 1 stitch on each needle until 2 stitches remain on each needle. Leave a 16-in. tail of yarn for the hanger and cut it off. Thread the yarn end on a darning needle and gather the 6 stitches together; then tie off at the top.
  4. Use the tail of yarn to make the hanger and add the pom pom. Pierce the center of the pom pom from the inside of the hat and bring the needle up to the top and then down to the inside of the hat leaving about 8 inches on the Pom Pom as a hanger at the top. Tie a knot to secure it to the inside the hat.