Simple Solutions to Age Proof a Home

Find advice about easy, no or low cost changes and ways to modify your home to make it more convenient and comfortable to live in.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Simple Solutions to Age Proof a Home Try these common sense ideas to make your home an easy place to live whether you're young or old. Find ways to accident-proof your home so it's a safe haven for everyone who lives there. These 8 easy-on-the-budget ideas cost next to nothing and create a family-friendly place where it's safe and comfortable to live.

  1. Use nightlights in bedrooms, bathrooms and hallways to assure safe passage in darkness.
  2. Secure extension and appliance cords to the base shoe molding at the bottom of a wall with u-shaped staples.
  3. Tame the tangle of home electronic cables and wire with cord managers, covers and cable protectors.
  4. Remove throw rugs (especially at the top and bottom of a staircase) or secure them with a rug grip or rug tape.
  5. Choose bruise-proof furniture with rounded edges and avoid a nasty bruise (or worse) on your hip. Pointed angles on furniture are stylish but can be a head knocker for a little one.
  6. If a chair is comfortable, but it's too low and difficult to use for less agile family members modify it by adding a neatly folded blanket (that compliments the color or pattern of the chair) to the chair seat to raise the level.
  7. Secure a tall shelving unit or heavy TV to the wall with an anti-tip strap or furniture safety bracket so it doesn’t come crashing forward off the wall when it's bumped or nudged along with all the items on the shelves. Secure the back of a utility shelf directly to the wall with fasteners.
  8. A nail head protruding from a deck board is a surefire way to stub flipflop toes, not to mention catch someone off balance and lead to a fall. To prevent that refasten any loose board. Use wood screws installed with a screw gun instead of nails and secure it properly, then pull out the protruding nail head and fill in the hole with wood filler.

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