Lowes: DIY Thank You to Local Heroes

Show your support for all the front line heroes battling the pandemic every day with a message using objects you find at home - holiday or patio lights strung across a garage door, fence, porch, painted banners and posters, use anything you have - in a DIY moment of appreciation.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton


At this uneasy time I think all of us want to acknowledge the courageous work of the people on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic - all the hospital workers, the first responders and countless others who leave the safety of their homes and family to battle the virus.

Lowes has created an ingenious program inviting DIYers to join together in thanking the front line heroes working every day to support our communities. They call it a do-it-together moment of appreciation encouraging all of us to display thank you messages in our front yards, windows, porches, front yards and balconies to broadcast our support.

Here's a link to where participants are encouraged to share their DIY thank you message on social media using the hashtag #BuildThanks.

Find ideas and inspiration for this growing collective project at Lowes.com/BuildThanks.

Photo credits: Jenna Sue Design, Fresh Mommy Blog, Beneath My Heart,