Have a few odd jobs that require a handyman? Here's advice about where to find a professional to do the job. $50 to $65 is the national average hourly rate for a handyman.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton


A handyman is a jack-of-all trades who can evaluate, estimate and complete small home repairs and installations. You'll usually find they advertise in local newspapers and are listed as "Handyman Services" in the Yellow Pages. If there's a bulletin board in a hardware store or home center you may find postings of their business cards. Online you’ll find them by typing "handyman in (your town)" in the search box of a search engine and be directed to a contractor referral service.

Plan to call a handyman service when you have more than one job. Often they charge a minimum fee to cover the expense of traveling, so make it worthwhile for you and the handyman. If you have to take off work to be home for the repair work, you'll benefit from having more than one job on your house "to do" list checked off. Budget $50 to $65, the national average hourly rate for a handyman.


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