Heating Contractor

When you need the service of a professional heating and cooling professional here's advice about where to find one. $60 to $80 is the national average hourly rate for a heating contractor.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Heating Contractor

Most heating contractors specialize in designing, installing and servicing the heating systems of specific manufacturers. They’re most familiar with these particular units and have a history of working on them. You'll find heating contractors advertise in the "Heating Contractors" category of the Yellow Pages often featuring those brand names. You can go online and type "heating contractor in (your town)" in the search box of a search engine and be directed to a contractor referral service.

To find a heating contractor who is familiar with your type of furnace, know the brand of furnace you have, so look at the unit for a dusty service tag or decal which identifies the company who has serviced your system in the past - that’s a good place to start. If there is no ID on the unit, take a quick picture using a cell phone and email it to the contact you got online or take it to a local heating contractor. The best choice is a local heating contractor who will respond to service calls promptly. Expect to pay $60 to $80, the national average hourly rate for a heating contractor.


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