Landscape Contractor

Here's advice about hiring a landscape contractor and what points to look for in a contract that guarantees a professional job. $45 to $60 is the national average hourly rate for a landscape contractor.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Landscape Contractor A landscape contractor does a variety of lawn and garden installations and maintenance work. Their work ranges from planting flowers, hedges and trees to building garden structures and installing irrigation systems. To find one online type "landscape contractor in (your town)" in the search box of any search engine and you'll be directed to contractor referral services. Many lawn and garden centers offer an installation and/or delivery service or have a bulletin board where landscapers post their business card. Another resource is a local newspaper where they advertise. In the Yellow Pages they are listed as Landscape contractors. Plan to pay $45 to $60, the national average hourly rate for a landscape contractor.

A contract with a landscape contractor should include:

  • Concise explanation of the work to be completed including the type of materials to be used
  • How the installation will be constructed and its dimensions
  • Details about maintenance work to be completed
  • Fees for equipment rental, hauling service etc.
  • Total charge that includes the labor and materials
  • Payment schedule
  • Beginning and completion date for the work


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