Need a locksmith? Here's advice about where to find one. $35 to $65 is the national average hourly rate for a locksmith.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton


Look at advertisements in local newspapers or the Yellow Pages for a locksmith listed under "Locks and Locksmiths". To find a locksmith online type "locksmith in (your town)" in the search box of any search engine and you'll be directed to several contractor referral services. There is often economy in numbers when hiring a professional tradesman so if you want to replace any other locks in the house, the smart money says do it at the same time while you have a locksmith on site. Expect to spend $35 to $65, the national average hourly rate for a locksmith.

To take advantage of their expertise, choose a lock sold by the locksmith instead of purchasing one from another source. Most of them know the intricacies of the line of locks they and their expertise is what you're paying for.

A lock can also be installed by a carpenter or handyman, who has the carpentry skills to replace an existing lock or install a new one.


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