Paper Hanger

Wallpaper can do wonders in a room. Here's advice about hiring a paper hanger and where to find one for a professional job. $25 to $40 is the national average hourly rate for a paper hanger.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Paper Hanger

Professionals who install wallpaper are listed as "paper hangers" in the Yellow Pages, even though what they're really hanging is a wallcovering. To find a paper hanger ask a friend or neighbor for a referral or ask about installers at the wallpaper store where you're shopping. To find a paper hanger online type "paper hanger in (your town)" in the search box of any search engine and you'll be given a choice of several contractor referral services. Plan to spend $25 to $40, the national average hourly rate for a paper hanger.

Installers generally charge by the number of rolls they hang, but a lot depends on the condition of the walls and type of wallcovering to be installed. For example, if the walls are painted and require no priming or preparation work, a paper hanger will be able to begin and finish in the same day. However, if there is old wallpaper to remove, holes in the walls to patch, and priming required, then much more preparation work and drying time will be required. Many paper hangers will suggest that you buy the wallcovering. Do this after they've measured the room and estimated how many rolls are needed.

If you're working with an interior designer or general contractor and wallpapering is part of a large scale remodeling and decorating project, the designer or contractor will subcontract the work to a paper hanger and bill you for the labor and the wallcoverings you've chosen.


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