Decorating Jobs in a Day

Make an ordinary room look extraordinary in less than a day with any of these decorating projects. Many involve repairs and upgrades to windows and walls.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Decorating Jobs in a Day

Here's some ideas to get your creative juices going, decorating projects you can complete in less than a day. These are ways to enhance a room and make it more attractive without breaking your budget or taking up too much time. If you know there's a room in your house you've wanted to change, now's your chance.

For each of the decorating projects you'll find a link that explains what's involved and how much it costs. Use the ZIP Code entry box to customize the cost to where you live.

A few hours - from start to finish - is all it takes to add stylish glass shelving to a room and use it to showcase some of your finest treasures. Install Glass Shelves

Spend the afternoon in the kitchen making the most of a metal backsplash to enhance the look and feel of the cabinets and countertops Install a Metal Backsplash

You can replace an old ugly metal grille with a handsome wooden one that's an attractive addition to any wall. Install a Furnace Grille

In less than 4 hours you can make a fashion statement in a room with the addition of a fabric window cornice. Cost to Make a Fabric Window Cornice

If a stained ceiling is an eyesore you'll need less than 5 1/2 hours (and probably less) to prime and paint the ceiling so it's the fifth wall in a room. Paint a Stained Ceiling

Transform the look of chair seat with a splash of colorful fabric in less than 5 hours. Take a look at what's involved and how much it costs. Reupholster a Chair Seat

A stair runner softens the look of a staircase and lowers the noise to a whisper when heavy footsteps go up and down. This is a 6 hour project - tops - that you'll appreciate every day. Install a Stair Runner

If there's an electrical outlet in the ceiling you can install an attractive fan in the afternoon and enjoy cool breezes and comfortable living in any room. Install a Ceiling Fan

Is an annoying towel bar dangling precariously on the bathroom wall? In an hour and a half you can replace it. Replace a Towel Bar

A new window shade gives a room privacy and pizazz. In two and a half hours you can make this happen. Install a Window Shade

In less than a day you can get organized with a pegboard wall and store your stuff with ease. Install a Pegboard Wall