Home Design Changes after COVID-19

Design professionals suggest new trends in home design that reflect a post COVID era and how design will change as our new normal way of living evolves.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton


Design professionals at JHL Design in Portland, OR suggest how we live and define "shelter" may be different since the Coronavirus. These award-winning designers offer their imput about new elements we can expect to see.

Holly Freres, principal at JHL says they believe clients will modify homes post COVID saying "We may see more requests for touchless faucets, especially at the kitchen sink; touchless toilets and self-cleaning toilets, and requests for more fresh air systems like heat recovery ventilators." On the practical side she suggests that easy to clean materials and surfaces will also be more in demand.

"It will be interesting to see how far some of these things go. For example, in the early 19th century, there was always a sink in the entry to the home for people to wash their hands when they enter. Although we doubt this will come back as a necessity for most people, some may opt for this feature."

Since more people will be spending time at home, she predicts we will see more entertaining in outdoor spaces with guests in the coming year.

Liz Morgan, Creative Director of JHL Design says, "With more time at home, we think people will invest more in wellness items like luxurious bath/wetrooms (we're already seeing this trend with the rise of "self-care"). Saunas are becoming more popular in the states and can easily be retrofitted into an existing closet or storage space. We'll see more dedicated work spaces with people working remotely. For larger homes, this may mean rooms converted into offices. For small spaces like apartments, this may mean flexible furniture layouts like dining tables with power or moveable space dividers."

Photo credit: David Papazian