Makeshift Home Office

Working from a temporary home office because of the pandemic? Here are simple suggestions to create a make-do office space within the walls of your home.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

For many of us the Coronavirus outbreak has changed where we work and put our work lives in a state of flux. Here are suggestions to make-do and create office space within the walls of your home using what’s there. We’re not talking about new construction, these are ways to improvise with the space you have. If the time come when you will be a remote worker on a permanent basis you’ll have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t in your home.

A seldom-used dining room makes a good work space and/or learning space. Add a table or desk to a long hallway, landing, pantry or closet and a comfortable chair and you’re in business.

The luxury of an extra bedroom, porch, basement or attic, even a garage, makes reinventing the space easier. Beds can be pushed against the wall to make room for a card table or desk and furniture can be rearranged to make room for storing and using equipment like printers, scanners and portable file holders. Have an empty suitcase? Use it to store seldom used items.

The first and foremost feature required is access to a power source and broadband connection to get the worker wired and connected to their office. Same is true for school.

Good lighting and noise control are important too, whether it’s for working or learning.

Be careful and prevent tripping on cords with cable cord organizers, Velcro wraps or clips to manage the maze of cords connecting devices together.

Close the door or use a portable screen to create a barrier to stifle noise from kids and pets or separate remote workers and students who are all dealing with the new normal at home.

Keep calm and carry on. Remember your home as a hot spot is temporary so make the most of it.