Budget Bathroom Facelift Ideas

Try these easy and inexpensive decorating ideas and learn how much they cost to transform your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Budget Bathroom Facelift Ideas

Sometimes a ho-hum bathroom needs a facelift, not a major overhaul. Here are some do-it-yourself decorating ideas to give a bathroom an almost instant makeover and the materials you need are as near as your local home center and hardware store.

Paint a room. A can of paint is the best bang for your decorating buck because it splashes a fresh color on the walls of a room. For a typical bathroom you'll spend about $70 on a good quality latex paint and the equipment you need. Before you paint, wash any dirty surfaces with a household cleaner and patch any holes or cracks with wallboard compound. Here's the project cost and what's involved to Paint a Room.

Add a border. Transform boring painted walls with a decorative wallpaper border at the ceiling or as a chair rail 3-feet above the floor. Most borders are pre-pasted and sold in rolls 15 feet long upwards of $10 a roll. Measure the width of the walls and add them together to find the length of border you'll needed. Here's a link to the project cost and what's involved to Hang a Wallpaper Border.

Add accessories. Dress up a bathroom with a stylish new wooden or metal soap dish, glass holder and wastebasket. Install towel bars and rings and glass shelves by drilling holes and fastening them to the wall with anchors. Items are priced individually ranging from $10 to $35.

Combine storage with style. Install a space safer shelf unit that's designed to fit over a toilet and you'll have added shelves and storage space. You'll find these units, which require some simple assembly, sold at bath shops and home centers for about $100.

Make it pretty with linens. No installation required, just buy colorful or patterned towels with a coordinated shower curtain and rug. This $100 investment goes a long way to add charisma and comfort for everyone's use. And it's a bathroom decorating idea you'll enjoy using every time you step out of the shower.

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