Bathroom Design Basics

For a perfect bathroom makeover consider these design details if you're remodeling.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

  • Allow at least 30 inches of clearance space in front of a tub.
  • For a standard tub, plan on a space 30-32 inches wide and 54, 60 or 72 inches long.
Shower stall
  • Allow a minimum of 30 inches of clearance space in front of a shower stall.
  • Plan on at least a 3-foot square space for a shower enclosure.
Lavatory/vanity sink
  • Plan at least 30-by-48 inches of space in front of the sink and 15 inches from the center of the sink to an adjacent wall or fixture.
  • Choose a vanity height that's comfortable for you. The standard is 30-32 inches high, but many prefer a raised height of 34-42 inches to avoid bending down.
  • Twin sinks in a vanity should be separated by 30 inches measured from the center of one basin to the other.
Well-organized storage
  • Incorporate both closed and open storage to provide the maximum amount of usable storage space.
  • Build in enclosed storage in a closet.
  • Recess an alcove of open shelving.
  • Accessible storage near vanity for small grooming items.
Good lighting
  • A well lit bathroom has a variety of lighting sources.
  • General overhead lighting for overall illumination.
  • Task lighting to spotlight grooming to prevent shadows on the face. Arrange fixtures so light is directed from above and both sides.
  • Overhead compartment lighting in shower, tub and toilet enclosure.
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