$50 Ideas for an Exterior Makeover

Give your home curb appeal and make the first impression of your home a positive experience with these inexpensive decorating ideas and upgrades for the front entry and exterior.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

$50 Ideas for an Exterior Makeover

There's no better way to say "welcome to my home" than with an inviting entrance. Since the front of your home is the first place a visitor sees it makes a lasting impression.

Here are some inexpensive decorating ideas that cost under $50.

Paint the Front Door. Call attention to the door by choosing a knock-out color that contrasts with the siding to add pizzazz and stylish appeal.

Hang a Colorful Wreath. Center it in the middle of the door and about one third down from the top. If there's a storm door choose a wreath that is narrow enough so it doesn't rub or hit it.

Wave the Flag. Add a colorful flag and holder to showoff Old Glory and seasonal and holiday flags. Install the holder where the flag can fly freely in the wind on one side of the door.

Use Flower Power. Weather-permitting, use flowers to soften the entrance and add another dimension. Hang a basket of cascading flowers from a bracket or display a grouping of containers filled with flowers of similar colors.

Add a Door Mat. Sounds simple, but a striking new mat is pleasing and practical. Sweep the stairs and entrance clean, remove any clutter and add a colorful new door mat. Choose one wide enough to show off its design and sturdy enough to withstand the weather.

Create a Resting Place. Space permitting, add a small bench near the door. Decorate it with a basket of pine cones and it will become a handy place for setting down packages when you're looking for your keys.

Change House Numbers. Identify your house with new numbers to improve the visibility of your house and give it a facelift at the same time. You'll find them sold in specialty catalogs in different sizes, shapes and colors and at lawn and garden and home centers.