Stay-at-Home Reality Check

Being stuck at home during the lock-down forced many of us to examine the stuff we've accumulated and get rid of what we don't use or want any longer.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

utility shelving

A survey of 800 participants in the U.S. shows many feel they have accumulated too much stuff in their homes. No surprise since we’re all spending more time at home because of Covid-19. The quarantine has forced us to re-examine where and how we live, and admit we have things we rarely use often discovering things we forgot about. The survey conducted by reports that a whopping 78% realize they have too many possessions. In a purging effort more than 50% said they recently threw away or donated items during the lockdown and 67% say they don’t plan to purchase anything new after the quarantine.

If you feel the same way here are some improvement projects focused on storing your things to help know what you have and get organized.

Install Solid Closet Shelves

nstall Wire Closet Shelves

Install Utility Shelves

A good way to begin the purging process of items you no longer want or use read Planning a Yard Sale.