Easy Energy Saving Jobs

Make the most of doing it yourself jobs around the house with preventive maintenance projects and upgrades and repairs that enhance your home's value and save energy dollars in the future.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

4 Easy Energy Saving Jobs

Most of these projects are easy-does-it jobs - weatherproofing, caulking and insulating - that save you money every day because they'll make your house tighter and buttoned up while sealing it from the weather outside. Others jobs concentrate on upgrades that do a better job of managing the systems in your home. Whatever jobs you choose, you'll appreciate the savings for years to come.

For a quick fix to seal old drafty windows get a kit with plastic sheeting and double-faced tape that you cut and install on the inside of the window. With a blast from a hair dryer the shrink-wrap tightens and seals the window with a clear, tight-fitting film. Learn more at Weatherproof a Window.

Doors are another opening that can be sealed to prevent air escaping whether it's cold air in the winter or warm air in the summer Weatherproof a Door.

Air gets into windows at gaps in the joints around the frame where it meets the siding so seal any cracks with caulk. Seal up those gaps with caulk and you'll pocket a nice saving. Learn more at Caulk Windows.

Energy experts agree that you'll lower your energy bills if you increase the insulation in your attic. You can do it yourself by laying down batts of poly-wrapped insulation directly over what's already up there. Learn more at Insulate an Attic with Batts.

Blowing in insulation is another project to button up an attic Blow in Insulation.

And don't let energy escape from the basement Insulate and Finish Basement Walls.

Install a programmable thermostat to adjust the temperature so it warms the air only when someone's in the house. If no one's home during the day set the daytime temperature lower so you're not paying to heat the air in empty rooms. Set the unit to kick on with warm air about half an hour before you arrive home. Learn more at Install a Programmable Thermostat or a thermostat that adjusts to your lifestyle habits Self-Learning Thermostat.

The bottom line: Concentrate on preventive maintenance repairs and upgrades that add value to your home while conserving energy.

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