Easy Plumbing Repairs

Learn how to make basic plumbing repairs and save money while building valueable homeowner life skills. You'll be glad to know how to repair a toilet, unclog a drain and replace a sump pump, shower head and washer hoses.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Easy Plumbing Repairs

You’d be surprised at how easy some basic plumbing repairs can be and how much you will save by doing them yourself. We’re not talking major plumbing work that requires the skills and tools of a professional plumber, we’re suggesting need-to-know jobs you can complete without a big investment in tools and materials.

If you're a homeowner these are life skills you'll be glad you have that involve repairs and replacements in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and basement that keep your water systems working, conserve water and prevent water damage. Even if there was no plumber in your family, there’s no reason you can't learn these simple tasks a homeowner is called on to do. Plus you'll enjoy saving money and the satisfaction of doing it yourself.

Take a look at the saving you'll have by doing these 5 plumbing jobs and click on the link to learn more about what’s involved what it costs where you live.

1. Save 74% and repair a toilet by replacing parts that over time wear out and deteriorate. Repair a Toilet

2. Insurance agents tell us there's a lot of claims for water damage due to cracked washing machine hoses. Make this replacement and save 71% for your work. Replace Washer Hoses

3. Conserve water and still enjoy a refreshing shower with a new showerhead and pocket a 61% savings for making the swap. Replace a Shower Head

4. If you’ve ever had a flooded basement you know how important it is to replace a sump pump that takes away the water . You’ll save 59% by making the replacement. Replace a Sump Pump

5. You can't afford not to try unclogging a sink drain and save 84% before calling in a pro. Unclog a Sink Drain

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