Basics of a Basement Remodel

Here's a list of the work sequence and basic stages involved in a basement remodeling job. Use it to help you plan your basement makeover.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Basics of a Basement Remodel

The work sequence of a basement remodel takes time so plan the process slowly and include all the elements of the renovation that will best suit your home and needs. Make a list of the features you want to include like a place for games, computer desk or entertainment center and comfortable seating.

A lot depends on the size and design of the new space and your budget will dictate the extent of the job and if you do all or some of the work yourself or hire a contractor.

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Use this list of the sequence of work involved as a guideline for planning the project.

  • Remove or relocate all items and furnishings so you have access to ceiling, walls and floors (This can be the most daunting part of the project!)
  • Arrange for a removal service or dumpster for materials, if needed
  • Remove existing wall and ceiling finishes and flooring materials
  • Make necessary repairs to windows and stairwell
  • Moisture proof walls and floor
  • Install subfloor, if needed
  • Frame out walls and around windows and doors for drywall
  • Frame out ceiling
  • Rough in new electrical, cable, Internet and plumbing
  • Arrange for plumbing and electrical inspections by local building department
  • Install insulation and drywall
  • Tape sand, prime and paint drywall
  • Install flooring material
  • Install wall and baseboard trim and finish
  • Install finish surface for support columns
  • Install light fixtures
  • Install ceiling tiles

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