Hi Tech Devices Secure a Home

Consider installing these devices in your home to create a more convenient and safey-conscious lifestyle. Use the cost box to know the cost and plan your budget.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Hi Tech Devices Secure a Home

These small devices are designed to create a comfortable and convenient lifestyle in your home. The everyday solutions are replacements and additions that improve your home for everyone who lives there and guarantee you’ll all feel safer. They're designed with digital and wireless technology that makes it easy to stay in control and in your home while enjoying the security and convenience they provide.

Click on each project and learn how much an installation will cost whether you do it yourself or hire a professional. You can customize the cost of these improvements by adding a ZIP Code and find the regional cost for where you live.

Security Solutions and How Much They Cost

Add a measure of safety to the front door with a lock that requires no key. Install a Keyless Deadbolt Lock

Know who wants to enter your home with a device to monitor who is at the door. Install a Digital Peep Hole

From any where in the house see and talk to who is knocking at your front door. Install a Wireless Video Intercom

Install a security camera designed for DIY installation to monitor your property. Install a Security Camera