Easy Living with Technology

Find the cost of devices that improve your home and think for you. These high tech products make living in your home more comfortable and efficient and offer a nice payback in convenience.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Easy Living with Technology

Create an environment in your home so it's comfortable and convenient for everyone who lives there by installing devices designed with technology that think for you. Consider a thermostat that learns the climate you want in your home and adjusts it automatically and an LED night light with an electrical outlet for convenience. With a USB outlet charger you can enjoy hassle-free charging of devices without the mess of tangled cords. A motion sensor inside or outside a home creates safe footing for everyone whether they're up early in the morning or late at night. And a solar landscape light is an attractive addition to a yard while providing safe passage in the evening.

Click on the links to devices designed with technology that makes them smart ways to make your home more convenient to live in. Learn how much it costs to install it or hire a professional for the job and adjust the cost with your ZIP Code.

Replace an old thermostat with one that "learns" and adjusts cool air and heat according to your use. Cost to INSTALL A SELF-LEARNING THERMOSTAT

Enjoy the convenience of an LED night light conveniently combined with an electrical outlet. Cost to INSTALL AN LED NIGHT LIGHT OUTLET

Use the power of the sun to lighten and brighten your outdoor pathways and garden. Cost to INSTALL SOLAR LANDSCAPE LIGHTS

Tackle the annoyance and avoid the tangle of charger cords for phones and other devices around the house. Cost to INSTALL A WALL USB CHARGER

Make easy work of getting around your house day or night by installing a motion sensing switch. Cost to INSTALL A MOTION SENSOR

Remove dampness in the bathroom and control the humidity level with a sensor. Cost to INSTALL A HUMIDITY SENSOR AND CONTROL