Digital Gadgets and Gizmos

Monitor your pet, your laundry and your property with new devices and apps that give you control no matter where you are and keep your home clean and all its systems working at peak performance.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Digital Gadgets and Gizmos At work, on vacation or on the go you can feed your pet, wash your clothes and clean and monitor your home with new devices and apps from anywhere. Here's a look at just a few of the new devices designed to control your home and all its systems and keep everything working. Here's more examples of how digital devices can make your life easier and better.

A floor robot is a vacume designed for your kitchen or any bare floors. These devices - a high tech replacement for the low tech broom - feature direct suction vacuuming so that any human or pet hair cannot get tangled. It also may terrorize your dog or cat the first time it goes into action. Consumer Reports has a review of several of them Best Robotic Vacuums.

The Ecovent is made up of a system of self-configurating sensors and vents that intelligently diagnose factors impacting room temperature through a mobile phone or computer. You replace all the vents with smart vents and plug one sensor in each room into a standard outlet. A bonus, the sensor has a USB port for charging your favorite devices. Find pricing at

The PetNet Smartfeeder and app lets you control your pet’s feedings from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Manage and adjust feeding times, portion sizes, and food dispensing speed for when it's right for your pet’s age, weight and level of activity.

Ring Video is a doorbell replacement with a wi-fi enabled video bell to see who is at door. See who’s there,from anywhere with a wide angled HD video (even when you're not) and a cloud recording on your smartphone.

Wally Wireless is a mold and wate damage prevention system that detects and alerts you of water leaks as well as important changes in humidity and temperature. You place wireless sensors around your home, connect them to the network using the Wally app.

Piper is a system that lets you monitor your home environment and automate, schedule and remotely control lights and appliances directly from the app and smart switch, micro smart switch or dimmer. Check up on your pet and set up door and window sensors so you receive an alert if there is a security