Valentine's Day Projects - Do It Together

Here are Valentine projects for homeowners in love because two are better than one when it comes to installing them. These are easy to complete in a day and inexpensive upgrades to enjoy in your home for years to come.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Valentine's Day Projects - Do It Together

Forget about wine and flowers, this Valentine's Day do something together you’ll both appreciate for years to come - a small makeover to your home. Even if you’re both DIY-challenged we’re suggesting 4 easy to complete projects for the less than handy homeowner. These goofproof projects will make your home more attractive and make living there more comfortable and convenient. We chose these upgrades because it take two to more easily accomplish when there’s partners involved. You know which of you is best at the different phases of any project so make that decision first. Who’s good at planning the job, handling the tools, acting as helper (aka supervisor) and cleanup? That’s for you to decide.

Choose one of these four projects and enjoy doing it together in February.

A wall mirror ($50) hanging above a cabinet or in a hallway is an attractive and practical enhancement. Here’s what’s involved, how much time it takes to Install a Mirror.

The perfect way to showcase a treasured piece or collectible is on a glass shelf ($160). You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to and learn how to do it and how much time it takes to Hang a Glass Shelf .

No more digging into the back of a kitchen cabinet to find something with an accessible rollout ($75). It take more time to empty the cabinet than to Install a Cabinet Rollout .

You’ll both appreciate the added space in a small bathtub enclosure by adding a curved shower rod ($40). Learn what’s involved, the time you need to Install a Curved Shower Rod .

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