Attic Worksheet Inspection

If you're considering transforming unused attic space to usable storage or living space, use this worksheet as a checklist to keep track of the features in the attic.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Attic Worksheet Inspection

Make a copy of this worksheet, put it on a clipboard and use it as a checklist to inspect the attic by adding dimensions and notes after each item. It helps to draw a rough sketch of the attic space with the dimensions and locations of the features. Not an artist? Take pictures with a smartphone or camera and use them as a reference.

Features and Dimensions of Attic Space

Access to Attic - Stairs

    Location in house and attic
    Open or enclosed stairs
    Width of steps
    Hand rails


    At the roof peak or highest dimension
    At the lowest sidewall
    In stairway
Floorplan of Space
    Length and width of floor space
    Length and width of floor space with 5 foot headroom
Dimensions of floor joists
    Length and width


    Type and R-value in ceiling
    Type and R-value in floor

Location of Permanent Fixtures

    Recessed canlight fixtures
    Electrical wires
    Plumbing lines
    Heating ducts


    Open, no finished floor
    Plywood sheathing or planks

Attic Ceiling or Sheathing

    Signs of pest infestation or rot
    Signs of moisture or, fungus, condensation

Other Issues

If the project is too intimidating, consider hiring an attic remodeling contractor with Home Advisor, a free referral service that connects homeowners with local prescreened contractors.

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