Primer for a Bathroom Makeover

If you're in the planning phase of a bathroom remodel - large or small - there's a lot of details to consider. Take a look at this checklist of all the features and elements of a bathroom makeover so you get the best results possible.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Primer for a Bathroom Makeover

A bathroom makeover requires the skills and talents of many individuals, and relies on the person managing the project and all the skilled contractors hired to do the job. A plumber deals with the water supply and hook up for all the fixtures, an electrician is essential for powering the room with heating and cooling the space, light, ventilation and outlets. A carpenter, drywall contractor, tile and solid surface installer, and a painter and/or wallpaper hanger add to the list of skilled workers involved.

Coordinating these craftsmen in a timely fashion is the key so there’s no down time while the bathroom sits idle. A bathroom design firm or contractor may be hired to do the work, but a homeowner should have a handle on the process. If you're the owner and doing some or all of the work it’s essential to control the project. No matter who manages the job use this checklist to follow the progress; and if you’re doing it yourself it will help you manage and coordinate your effort.

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Before you begin:

1. Take pictures of the existing bathroom from different angles and perspectives so you have a detailed image of the space.

2. Make a sketch of the room overall noting the location of existing fixtures, door openings, windows and all room dimensions.

3. Determine your budget for the makeover and lists of must-haves and nice-to-have features in the new bathroom.

4. Find out if a building permit is required from your local building department.

5. Decide if you want to reuse or replace any of the features in the bathroom.

Checklist of Features

Fixtures and Faucets (tub, sink, toilet, shower stall)



Walls and Ceiling


Cabinetry and Built-ins


Ventilation, Heating/Cooling

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