Change of Season Home Upgrades

At this time of year Analytics tells us site visitors want to know about sealing a driveway, installing a dog fence, building a wood shed and railings, chimneys and attic ventilation.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Change of Season Home Upgrades

A recent analytics report shows both laptop and mobile visitors are interested in the same home improvements - upgrades to the exterior of their homes. Whether viewed from a laptop, tablet or mobile phone, here are links to eight projects site visitors want to know more about including the cost and what’s involved.

The two building projects are a pet-friendly Invisible Dog Fence and a practical solution to outdoor storage, a Wood Yard Shed both worthy additions to your property.

Wherever it's located a railing has home safety and sure footing in mind. The cost to replace an Iron Railing at the front or rear entry of a home and a Deck Railing both are top of list.

After a record breaking hot summer it's no surprise a Roof Vent that provides air circulation in the attic space is another topic of interest. It's the kind of upgrade that is out of sight and out of mind but gives you peace of mind knowing items in the attic are safe from mildew and moisture damage.

A freshly Sealed Asphalt Driveway is very much in sight and an attractive addition to a home while protecting the surface with a long lasting finish.

And as the weather changes to thoughts of staying indoors with a wood-burning fireplace, Cleaning a Chimney is a safety precaution to take. And a good strategy to keep critters out of that chimney is to install a Chimney Cap.

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