Door Thresholds That Bridge a Room Transition

Door thresholds are as varied as the rooms and spaces they separate with the common goal to make the transition as transparent and comfortable possible.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Door Thresholds That Bridge a Room Transition

Every room or space with a door that joins another room or space needs a transition to bridge the gap between the floor surfaces. Sometimes the joining surfaces are level and even, so the threshold acts like a door sill that the door sets on. This is the case in most new homes and room additions where new construction creates level floors. The threshold also creates safe passage and prevents tripping.

However, the junction of old and new floors is more of a challenge because often there are uneven floors where they meet. In a home where new flooring has been added in a kitchen or bathroom. Often in these most remodeled rooms the transition is most obvious in hallways and foyers where these uneven surfaces meet.

A threshold or door sill also bridges the gap at an entry door and works to seal the opening with a tight weather seal and it does double duty to keep energy costs down.

The largest door at the garage is another opening where that weather seal is important and requires its own threshold.

Here's more about the four most popular types of specialty door thresholds.





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