Spring House and Yard Tune Up

Follow this checklist of basic chores and tasks to spruce up your home, lawn and garden. It's as simple as taking a walk around your house and property looking for signs of damage that you can correct with basic maintenance.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Spring House and Yard Tune Up When warm weather arrives many of us feel a burst of energy to get outdoors and shake off being cooped up all winter. Being in the fresh air feels good so it's an incentive to tidy up the yard and garden. Along with the yard and garden it's the ideal time to take stock of the exterior of the house and property to see how it's weathered the winter. Take a walk around the house and look for signs of damage and what needs repair.

Here’s a checklist of little or no skills required - jobs that will keep your property looking its best.

Lawn and Garden

  1. Make a clean sweep of the property and remove fallen tree branches, twigs and debris. Use a rake and an old tarp to drag around and collect the debris and dispose of it.
  2. Give trees and shrubbery a good pruning and thinning to improve their overall health and appearance. Get advice from your local lawn and garden center.
  3. Pull weeds in garden beds and make a plan for adding new plants.
  4. Give the lawn a dose of fertilizer and a good first cutting with a mower and trimmer looking for bare spots to fill in and weeds to pull.
  5. Use an edger to manicure the lawn and garden to separate flower beds from the lawn and keep creeping plants in their place.


  1. Sweep patios, decks and walkways and remove debris.
  2. Use a power washer to clean patios, decks, kid’s outdoor equipment and any plastic or metal lawn furniture.
  3. Tune up the barbecue grill and lay in a supply of charcoal or propane so it’s ready to use.
  4. Get a bucket, heavy gloves and tall ladder to clean gutters and remove debris and dried leaves. Use a garden hose to flush them out and see that water runs to downspouts and into a splash block to keep water away from the foundation.
  5. When it’s raining, check out downspouts looking for any leaks and mark the leaks so you can fix them.

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