4 Family Yard Projects for Fall

Falling leaves on the lawn and garden lead to a change in season. This fall enjoy doing these easy yard fix ups with the family will nurture your lawn and get your property ready for colder weather.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

4 Family Yard Projects for Fall

The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute knows that fall is the time to get the family yard prepped for cold weather. They encourages homeowners to do these four tasks this fall so they can have a fabulous family yard next spring. Homeowners who plan to put their home on the market in the spring will find these fall actions will spruce up their yard for spring.

1. Mulch your leaves -- instead of raking and bagging them is good for the family yard and the environment. As leaves decompose, they feed your lawn.

2. Keep cutting your grass until the first frost-- mowing at about 2-3 keeps your family lawn healthy when it turns cold.

3. Aerate in the fall -- this ensures water, oxygen and nutrients can get to the grass roots in your family yard.

4. Install smart controllers on irrigation systems to help conserve water because your family yard needs about an inch of water per week, even during the fall.

Here's a link for an infographic about the family yard Family Yard Fall To-Dos.

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