Simple Changes to Stay Cool

Save money, conserve electricity and reduce home cooling costs with 12 energy saving tips and ideas for your home. Use these suggestions around your home to keep it cool and comfortable.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Simple Changes to Stay Cool

Make Your House Easy to Cool and Comfortable with These Simple Routines and Lifestyle Changes

  • A dirty filter blocks the air flow through a cooling system so change the filter in a central air conditioning unit or heat pump once a month so it can work efficiently.
  • Close doors and cooling ducts in unused or seldom-used room, don't pay to cool them.
  • Move furniture off of and away from cooling ducts so it doesn't prevent the flow of air in a room.
  • Move your television, lamp or anything else that generates heat away from the cooling thermostat to prevent the air conditioner from running longer than needed.
  • To keep cool air from escaping up the chimney, close the damper of the fireplace.
  • On hot days grill dinner outdoors to avoid heating the interior of the house.
  • Keep draperies or window shades closed on the sunny side of your house.
  • Power down home electronics when not in use by activating the 'sleep' features on computers and office equipment.
  • Replace light bulbs with CFLs (compact fluorescent light bulbs) because they give off very little heat in a room, plus they last longer and cost less to operate.
  • Trim shrubs and plants so they're about three feet away from the AC unit so it can work efficiently with adequate air flow.
  • Hire a local heating and cooling professional to tune up your system every year to keep it running at peak performance.
  • If you're planning to landscape your home consider planting shade trees and shrubs on the west and south sides to reduce the heat of the sun.
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