Forecast: HURRICANE Coming

Follow this advice from the NOAA Hurricane Center about how to prepare your home and your family for a hurricane.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Forecast:  HURRICANE Coming

According to the National Hurricane Center the hurricane season in the Atlantic begins June 1st and ends November 30th. The Eastern Pacific hurricane season begins May 15th and also ends November 30th. If you live within those areas and those prone to severe tropical storms you probably know about your vulnerability.

As you listen to weather reports of pending storm conditions remember the distinction between these forecasts:

A Hurricane Watch means that hurricane conditions are a threat within 48 hours. Review your hurricane plans, keep informed and be ready to act if a warning is issued.

A Hurricane Warning means that hurricane conditions are expected within 36 hours. Complete your storm preparations and leave the area if directed to do so by authorities.

NOAA’s National Hurricane Center has suggestions for developing a family and pet plan, putting together a supply kit and how to secure your home. You’ll find this information by clicking on this link which takes you to their Hurricane Preparedness site: Be Prepared.

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