Checklist for a Remodeling Contract

Use this checklist as a guide before signing a contract for remodeling work with a professional contractor. It details what information about the job that should be included and specified.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Checklist for a Remodeling Contract A written contract with a contractor is an agreement between a homeowner and the contractor to perform work and services in a certain amount of time, for a specific dollar amount and using specific materials. Before you sign a contract with a contractor take a look at the information specified in the agreement. It should include these features and details for a remodeling project.

  1. Contractor’s name, address, telephone, cell and pager numbers and license information
  2. Homeowner’s name, address, home and business telephone and cell numbers, and location of the job site
  3. Detailed job description of work to be completed
  4. Description of how the surrounding area will be protected from the work area
  5. Description of daily and end-of-job cleanup work to be completed
  6. Itemized list of all material used naming the brand, model number, size, color, style and other information about the material
  7. Copies of drawings and specifications
  8. Starting and completion dates of work
  9. Time of day that workers are expected to arrive and leave the site
  10. Specifications regarding the work performed will meet or exceed the building code
  11. Responsibility of who will pay for and obtain any required building permits
  12. Financial terms clearly stated and including the total price, payment schedule with penalty for cancellation or incentive for completing the job before deadline
  13. Required homeowner’s signature for approval before work begins
  14. Procedure for implementing change orders when work is underway
  15. Right of homeowner to cancel the contract within three days of signing it
  16. Clause about binding arbitration that allows both homeowner and contractor to resolve a dispute without involving lawyers
  17. Warranty covering materials and workmanship for a minimum of one year.
  18. Commitment about homeowner not being liable for a third party claim for nonpayment of materials or subcontractors.


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