Genworth Aging Experience

Everyone in the family - no matter how young or old - should watch this video about the physical - vision, hearing and muscle loss - effects of aging.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Genworth Aging Experience

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the Genworth Aging Experience - an aging suit - was a show stopper. This 4 minute video of the age simulation suit illustrates the physical - vision, hearing and muscle loss - effects of aging. You gain a new perspective on why parents, grandparents and older adults see, hear and move differently as they get older.

Anyone who designs products and services for older consumers should wear this suit to do a better job of meeting the needs of their customers. Designers of cereal boxes and canned goods should attempt to open their products. Manufacturers of cell phones and remote controls should try to operate their devices with less than nimble hands. And home builders and remodelers might create more accessible floorplans and outdoor living spaces if they walked with the limited mobility that the suit simulates. None of us can comprehend this instant aging experience without becoming more sensitive by stepping into someone else's shoes.

Watch the Aging Suit Experience

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