Prevent Thunderstorm Damage to Your Home

A thunderstorm can be like a car wreck to your home and property. Take advice from insurance professionals about making your home safe and secure during a major storm of wind and rain.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Prevent Thunderstorm Damage to Your Home

Thunderstorms are most likely in the spring and summer months so the experts at American Modern Insurance Group offer homeowners these tips to protect their properties and families. "When it comes to thunderstorms, thoughtful planning and preparation are essential," said American Modern's Heather Bolyard, Assistant Vice President, Claims Support. "For example, one simple yet effective measure homeowners can take is to secure items found in the yard which can become airborne and dangerous if not properly tied down or stored away."

Here are things to do to protect your property and family from a thunderstorm.

Check Gutters: Clean gutters and downspouts so rain water can flow freely. A plugged gutter or damaged drain pipe can create a dam and subsequent roof leak.

Trim Trees: Remove or trim damaged trees and limbs to keep your property safe.

Store Items Inside: When alerted of a thunderstorm, bring in anything from the outside that could become windborne debris such as lawn furniture, bicycles, trash bins and trampolines. Also secure any loose siding or fence panels.

Keep Food Cold: Turn your refrigerator and freezer to the coldest setting and keep it closed as much as possible so food will last longer should you lose power.

Prepare for an Evacuation: Discuss an evacuation plan with family members to minimize confusion that may result from the need to evacuate quickly. If there's a power outage many gas stations rely on electricity to power their pumps so keep your car with a half full tank of fuel.

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