No Power, No Problem If You're Prepared

Make a list and check it twice to make sure you have emergency supplies for a weather-related event that cuts off power to your home. No matter what the emergency is, you'll be glad you are prepared to handle the challenge.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

No Power, No Problem If You're Prepared

When a house loses power most systems and appliances shut down. Don’t be caught unprepared if a hurricane, ice storm, blizzard, flood or other extreme weather condition leaves you stranded without the basics luxuries you probably take for granted. Assume cell and landline phones, TVs and radios don’t work and the refrigerator can’t be opened without spoiling food inside. So make a plan to eat it or leave the door closed. Use a BBQ grill as a cooker to heat canned goods and grill out whatever you can.

When you have a weather threat prepare for a power outage. Buy ice blocks to fill cooler, food for 2-3 days, and fill up the fuel for a BBQ grill. Charge all electronic device chargers, buy extra batteries and fill car the with gas.

These basic items and emergency supplies are probably things you already have. What you don’t have, buy and consider it a worthwhile investment you’ll appreciate when they’re needed. Keep the smaller items you seldom use in a plastic container. Know the location of the larger and frequently used items so they’re easy-to-reach.

Stock up on the following:

1. Candles with sturdy, not necessarily pretty, containers to hold them and wooden matches

2. Flashlight with fresh batteries (If you’re buying one, choose a long lasting LED flashlight)

3. Sandwich supplies and ready-to-eat canned food with a manual (not electric) can opener

4. Cooler filled with ice for perishables

5. BBQ grill with gas or charcoal

6. Water in large bottles: one gallon of water per person per day

7. Paper product: plates, cups, toilet tissue

8. Portable charger to reboot your phone

9. Battery-powered or hand-crank

10. Medications for family members, a First aid kit and hand and wash-up sanitizer wipes

11. Have cash on hand. Assume stores may be open but their power is down so credit cards cannot be used

12. Books, board games, playing cards

13. Insurance papers and other financial records in waterproof container

14. A regional map in case you have to evacuate

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